Although it feels wrong making a post which doesn’t include some new writing (that is the point of this blog, after all!) I just wanted to quickly mention an idea I have had.

I don’t want to stop with the novel that I have just begun work on, but perhaps alongside that (at a much slower pace) I have had the idea of creating a serialised story.

Serialised as in, every couple of weeks or so, I will try and post an extra chapter of it, here, on this blog. It will be the first time I’ve tried anything like that, but it feels more suited to this blog that to post little excerpts of my main novel that I’m working on. If this idea becomes a reality, I will try and post the first chapter in the next few days.

Thanks all, for reading



2 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Wow, it’s great that you’re writing a novel and a serialised story sounds like a great idea. Most of the greatest French writers of the 19th century did this, although their chapters were printed in newspapers and not in blogs 😉

    • I think Dickens did the same. One of the cool things about writing a serialised story in a blog though, is I can actually get feedback and change things as I go along 🙂

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